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Relations → What Moles on the Face mean?

Mole on the facePerhaps there is no person the body of whom doesn't have at least one birthmarks. Particularly «eloquent» birthmarks, located on the face.

The more saturated colors of birthmarks, the brighter it is considered to be the identity of the owner: he strongly expressed character traits that are birthmarks indicate the greater role to play in the fate of those events that foreshadow «destiny signs».

Mole on his(her) forehead — a good sign. Typically, the owner of it is an active and industrious person, a successful and happy in the affairs of the marriage, and the closer is a mole in the middle of the forehead, the better.

Wealth and success in love and career expext for a person who has a birthmark above (or just on) right eyebrow. But if the birthmark «sat down» over (or on) the left eyebrow, then its owner, as a rule, lazy and an irritant, an amateur to have a drink. This person meets a lot of disappointments in life, including marriage.

Mole near the eye indicates a honest and determined character, though its owner has a tendency to amorous adventures. The life road of such person with a mole consists of ups and downs, joys and disappointments.

Mole on any part of the nose usually indicates a short-tempered and passionate nature, the propensity for amorous adventures. He (she) is an excellent friend, open and sincere. But at the same time this person irascible, often abusing alcohol. But anyway success, even a happy marriage expected for him(her) in real life.

Mole on her(his) cheek tells about diligence and kindness. Owner of its hardly ever been rich, but miserable does not.

And the mole on any ear — true harbinger of wealth.

Owners of moles on their lips are often in poor health, so they need to treat it carefully.

Mole on the chin indicates a calm and friendly person. She(he) is very pleasant in dialogue, hard-working, loves to travel. He or she is always lucky.

A mole on the neck promises a successful career, the truth, the way to success may be very arduous.

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