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Probably every human body has a lot of moles. And from ancient times, people observe them and think: what is the meaning of moles, located on the human body?

It has always been that the mole can predict the nature and destiny. So, first clarify the meaning of women moles.
Moles can be found throughout the body, but the greatest interest among women is the location of moles on their face:

1. Point of the third eye, the Shiva eye: Someone who has a birthmark here, possesses an infinite intuition, intellect and thirst for knowledge with a gradient of mysticism.

2. Right corner of the eye: The meaning of moles — you are passionate, jealous, iracund person.

3. Right eyelid: Poetic nature, a tendency towards intellectual professions.

4. A mole under right eye: This mole – the witness of deep love and fidelity, as well as sensuality and generosity.

5. Under internal right eye: Variable, tangled temperament and short love affairs.

6. Bridge of the nose: A passion for travel, imagination and creativity.

7. Under internal left eye: Meaning of moles in this place — an unjustified jealousy, the prevalence of self-centeredness in nature.

8. Under the left eye: Boundless sensuality. Married life is rich of experiences.

9. Left corner of the eye: In regard to love, a predisposition to groundless guilt and a tendency to quarrels.

10. Left eyelid: Excellent memory, diplomacy, and landing.

11.Tip of the nose: The inclination of the complication of love relationships and everything that is forbidden.

12. Right cheek-bone: Entangled sentimental connection, a person without a remain gives herself up passion.

13. Right cheek: Frequent quarrels and quick reconciliation. Carnal love prevails over platonic one.

14. Under right nostrill: Exalted and mystical constitution of mind, a sense of universal love, and quite an outstanding fate.

15. In a dale under the nose: Independence, love of pleasure and travel.

16. Upper left lip: Thirst for maternity (paternity), generosity, faithfulness.

17. Left side of the nose: Amazing seducer, the propensity to conduct shocking and scandalous events. Love for diversity, but takes marriage seriously.

18. Upper right lip: The victory of sensibility over all other qualities. Imagination and originality.

19. Under the right lip corner: Tendency to jealousy, lust and the only great love.

20. Left cheek-bone (near the ear): Difficult nature, the propensity to degressiyam.

21. Left cheek-bone: Taste for variability in intellectual and in the love area. And of course the intricate connection.

22. Left lip corner: Underlined eroticism, sexuality and infidelity.

23. Chin (left side): Clear mind, orderliness. Will an increase in both spiritual and material.

24. Under the lower lip: You have a fragile psyche and health and insecurity — not the most pleasant meaning moles.

25. Chin: The desire to acquire a traditional, stable family. In communion sweet and even-tempered man. Love for a quiet life and penchant for conservative views.

Mole on the chest: If a birthmark on the right side, its meaning — you often rush from one extreme to another. Your life consists of ups and downs. The value of a mole on the left side indicates a generous and a bit frivolous nature.

At the waist: Birthmark grant you many children. The larger the spot, the more numerous your offspring.

On the shoulders: You lucky. The value of a mole on his left shoulder — financial difficulties.

On the hand: The value of dark moles — a fascinating career, happiness, wealth.

On the arm: You have a gift that will bring you success and happiness.

At the ankle: Independence, diligence, energy.

Meaning of moles in men's body:

Mole on the forehead: Meaning of moles on the right side — the glory and happiness.

On ears: You have no anxieties.

The neck: If the mole is located on the side — you will not have an easy life. The neck is marked in front, you can expect the fantastic career.

Mole on the chin: You are in respect of others.

On the jaw: Signs of ill health or a hectic life, especially if the stain on the left side.

On the shoulders: Your life is full of difficulties, but you work like an ox.

At the edges: Meaning of moles on the right side – indecision. You often behave tactless. Meaning of moles on the left side — the quality of these offset a sense of humor.

On the back: You open and honest man, inclined to grumble.

The feet: Meaning of moles – indecision.

On the buttocks: Tendency to idleness and concessions.

At feet: If a birthmark on both feet, you love to travel. If only on the right — your dreams to see the light did not come true. If a birthmark on the left foot, you are clever and dreamy.
You can take it seriously, or you can and laugh at least, but the topic of conversation in the circle of friends you have, probably, appeared.

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